Glass Water Test – To Detect Negative Energy In Your Home

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The Glass Water Test
Our surroundings are created from each positive and negative energies. The balance between these energies guides the actions additionally as success and failures in our daily activities. Random fights, consistent negative emotions, lack of prosperity and wealth, diseases etc. are all a sign that some negative energy has seized your surroundings. an easy Glass Water check will assist you check your surroundings for the presence of any negative energy.

Here’s how you’ll be able to conjointly do the glass water check in your home:

Use a clean clear glass for the check. make sure that there are not any marks, fingerprints or scratches on the glass.


Glass water test


Fill the 1/3rd of the glass proportion with ocean salt. solely ocean salt ought to be used for this check.


Glass water test


Add white vinegar (1/3rd of the full glass proportion) to the glass.


Glass water test


Fill the remainder 1/3rd of the glass with clean water. don’t combine the contents at all.
Place this shut in a spot wherever you get the strongest vibes for negative energies. for example, within the area wherever most of the fights or mishappenings occur. The glass ought to be hidden utterly therefore as nobody will spot or disturb the glass. The activity ought to be done solely within the daytime.


Glass water test


Now leave the glass un-touched for successive twenty four hours. Observe the glass, on successive day, if the contents of the glass are crystal clear then there isn’t something that you just ought to be troubled regarding. Whereas, if the contents flip pale or soiled green, then you would like to re-energize the world with some positive energy. Repeat the method in different elements of your home.


In order to re-energize your home, you’ll be able to take facilitate of Vastu Shastra, principle (Feng Shui) or different positive healing practices.

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